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What is Websites To Visit?

Well, it's just as the domain name (or says, websites to visit. Specifically, it is a directory of websites from many categories. You can simply visit the websites listed or ADD YOUR OWN!


The stats RESET DAILY to be fair for all users.

HOWEVER, if you click on the Website Title to view details, you will see the detailed stats for AVERAGE of DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or OVERALL stats of that individual website.

ADDITIONALLY, you can also see the OVERALL STATS of the

How do I add my website?

By simply clicking "ADD YOUR SITE".

How do I add a banner? 

Upon sign up, that is by adding the information of your website, once approve, you will see "UPLOAD BANNER" option under the USER CONTROL PANEL. Log into your account for the full use of your listing(s)! 

OK, I see UPLOAD BANNER, but why isn't my banner accepted?

Acceptance of your REGULAR banner is not manual. As long as you meet the requirement of the MAX size, width, and/or height, your banner should be automatically good to go! (You can upload larger banner buy buying a Premium membership and then uploading through UPLOAD PREMIUM BANNER).

Oops, I uploaded the banner for the wrong website! SOS!

No worries. Go back to the "UPLOAD BANNER" (or UPLOAD PREMIUM BANNER). Make sure to USE THE DROP-DOWN MENU to CHOOSE WHICH WEBSITE you are uploading or editing banner for!

Tell me more about this Premium membership.

Well, PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP gives you a fancy listing on the directory listing and the rankings. It also ensures your website will stay on top of other regular sites, as long as the PREMIUM is active. EACH PREMIUM puchase is an upgrade for ONE website you added. If you go under "BUY A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP", you can chosoe for which domain listing you are buying the upgrade for.

Premium membership rate is per weekly and you will get a discount up to 40-60% for each site you wish to upgrade, depending on for how many weeks (and special days).

Your site, for the duration of the Premium membership, will also receive intermittent bonuses to keep your website boosted up there!


What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal and Coinbase, so basically almost every payment option!

Do I need to place a link back to

Not required. You can add social media profiles and even referral websites. HOWEVER, without a link back, your ranking on the site may be low because the algorithm takes into account the visits you send back to WebsitesToVisit through your linkback. If you go for PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for the listing, then your wbesite added and upgraded will be boosted automatically without needing any link backs.

I paid for the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, but how come only ONE of my websites is with PREMIUM UPGRADES?

PREMIUM upgrade is for EACH WEBSITE, NOT for EVERY WEBSITE. That means when you paid for (or before you paid for to be precise), you have chosen the website you wish to upgrade.

That is also the reason the pricing starts at weekly upgrade option and at a low ~$2 per week, with discounts up to 40-60% for longer upgrades!

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